Spectrum Sound and Light was established in 2006 as a private venture by Target Group . The aim of this venture was to develop a company with a distinct market leadership in the emerging filed of professional light and sound integration.

Initially the company drew on the experiences of its partners and the sister companies within Target Group in order to gain market access to client databases, project experience and technical prowess . This aligned combination allowed it in a short time to quickly establish itself a leading provider of professional integration systems in Jordan with a solid reputation for innovation and excellence.

The resulting success, allowed Spectrum to establish key partnerships with some of the most reputable suppliers of audio and lighting solutions in the world. The culmination of which, was to establish an exclusive partnership with BOSE for the development and expansion of the professional and retail products portfolio in Jordan.

These partnerships have enabled Spectrum to cement its position as the leading supplier of integrated solutions and pushed it into expanding into new markets from which new success stories are being built.