Guiding Principles

Partnership is strength: It is our belief that our partners’ requirements are our first responsibility. Their ensuing needs must be serviced efficiently, promptly and accurately. The tasks undertaken by us must be done thoroughly and to the highest quality. When undertaking the process of designing our product offerings, we make sure that our decisions afford our partners the opportunity to make a fair profit.

Ours is a people business: Each and every one of our employees must be considered their own individual and as such we must respect their dignity and acknowledge their merits. They must feel a sense of security in their employment. The compensation that is afforded to them must be fair and adequate and the working environment must be clean, safe and orderly. We must be mindful of the impact of their profession on their private life and we must allow our employees to fulfill their family responsibilities. There must be an equal opportunity for employment, development (personal and professional) and advancement for all and the qualification must be based on merit. Each Employee should feel free to make suggestions and complaints. We must make sure that the responsible managers and their teams are competent and that the actions they undertake are just, fair and ethical.

Employees maybe our greatest liability, but people are our greatest opportunity… increasingly, the success – indeed, the survival – of every business will depend on the performance of its knowledgeable workforce’’ Peter Drucker

A pledge to the community: Our third responsibility is towards our communities. The impact we exert through the undertakings of our professional tasks should be mindful of our impact on society as a whole. As such we must strive to be good citizens and take collective responsibility for our actions in order to encourage civic improvement and cultural understanding. We must maintain in good order the properties we are privileged to use and we must take care to protect the environment and its natural resources.

A business for the future: Our fourth responsibility is towards the business itself. For the business to be successful, the business must make a sound and sustainable profit and adequate reserves must be allocated as a contingency for tough times. Sustaining these long terms objectives, requires the business managers to always advance and experiment with new ideas. Conduct Research and Development initiatives through innovation programs that directly impact the business performance as a whole. Investments into new equipment and facilities must be made and allocated for, in order allow the business to develop, grow and launch new products and services.

It is our belief that by designing our business to operate according to these guiding principles; the business will be able to grow and exist sustainably and profitably for the long term and its stakeholders should be able to realize a fair return on their investments.

The first responsibility of business is to make enough profit to cover the costs for the future. If this social responsibility is not met, no other social responsibility can be met.”Peter F. Drucker, The Practice of Management